Saturday, 12 February 2011

PFD Safety knife and Strobe light

Well I thought it was about time I added to my blog as there`s been no fishing for me since October. I decide to checkout some of my safety equipment and make sure it was ready for the coming season. All the following items are now in there third year of use and holding up quite well for things that come into contact with sea water.

The Palm Hydroadventure PFD is in my mind an excellent piece of kit. Rated at 70N buoyant material from size medium up, it provides plenty of assistance when in the water. The flotation is built in the front and back with equal amounts and a couple of pieces in the side tucks. When fitted correctly the PFD has a really snug feel about the body and doesn`t have any lumps sticking out to hinder a re-entry.

The PFD is fully adjustable, with shoulder straps, waist band and side straps. When fitted nice and snug, you can be hauled out of the water and up onto a rescue craft with just the shoulder straps.

The 2 pockets on the front are of a good size, capable of holding a VHF radio, handheld GPS along with other essentials. pockets come fitted with D rings and short clip leashes to secure your equipment, the flaps have velcro tapes and buckle straps which are adjustable if the pockets get over crowded.

The back of the PFD has a large pocket designed to take a hydro pack, though I personally have never used one.

Stainless drain holes are fitted throughout where drainage is needed and reflective solas tape and ribbon are used in the construction.
Further fittings on the front of the PFD allow other equipment to be attached.
Not as expensive as some but dearer than others the Palm Hydroadventure is a good buy and a reliable PFD.

On the left shoulder strap is a little red elasticated ring, this makes the perfect place to fit a strobe light. A strobe light will aid in your recovery by others should you be in need of assistance in the hours of darkness.
The PrincetonTec Strobelight is a tidy little light, fully water proof with double O rings to seal the top to the body, it is activated by twisting the top and tightening it down on to the body of the light and will flash for 8hrs giving 70 flashes/min, it runs on 1 AA battery and also floats head up in the water if set as a marker for any reason.

Also attached on the left shoulder is my safety knife.
This is a Wenoka squeezelock, a divers safety knife that is very securely fitted and needs a very positive squeeze of the 2 yellow clips to release it, no accidental loss of these knives they are excellent.

After 3 years of service and plenty of dips, still sharpe and no rust though the laser etching does show signs of being affected by salt water.

These knives come in different colours with a variety of fixing methods.

Prices are approximately as follows

Palm Hydroadventure   £60/70

PrincetonTec strobelight  £20/30

Wenoka squeezelock knife  £25/30

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Hugh`s fish fight

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has started a new campaign, following the success of his Chicken adventure with the main supermarkets, he has now taken up the gauntlet in the name of fish disgards. Battling against the European government, he attended a meeting in Brussels today to fight the corner for wasted fish in the Common fisheries policy reform meeting.

It`s a full frontal attack on this diabolical waste, with a website for people to sign up to the cause,        sign up here
running alongside the river cottage website he`s also started pages on social networking sites for people to join. 
Officially the launch of his campaign will be in January 2011 with a broadcast of Hugh`s fish fight, but at the rate he`s getting sign ups, currently 1000/hour, he`ll have plenty of backing from the British public.